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What services does 3BB provide?
   3BB provides 2 types of services
1. Service for an individual including
    - 3BB: suitable for a general use especially for local information search within the country or for beginners in surfing the internet
    - 3BB Premier: suitable for users who require an efficiency in sending and receiving information, focusing more on an international search or sending information abroad.
2. Service for corporate and organizations
  Do I need to set up a new landline number in order to apply for 3BB Broadband service?
  3BB Broadband Service does not require users to set up the landline number, thus help saving 107 THB per month on your phone bill. The company will provide a separate Broadband Internet wire which is connected to its main broadband cable when it sets up the network service for users.
  What and when do I need to pay when applying for 3BB Broadband service?
  On the application date, users are requested to pay:
  - A 1-month advance service fee (rates vary according to the chosen package) + Admission Fee (rates vary according to the promotion offered)
  How and Where do I apply for the 3BB Broadband?
  For an individual person, bring along a copy of your ID card with your authorized signature on the document and apply at the shops or the near-by service points (Click Application Counter Service Points)
  After the application and payment, when will I get my network system set up?
  The company will make an appointment with the customers and will send a technician to set up the network system within 2 weeks from the application and payment date. The time period might be varied depending on the setting up schedule of the technician; and on the node of that service whether or not the port is fully occupied. If that node happens to have a free port then the set up can be carried out at anytime.
  Would there be an additional cost on the day the technician sets up the network system?
  In the unlikely event that the technician has informed customers there is an additional expense incurred; customers do not need to make the payment to the technician on the set up date. For instance, if customers request for an extra set up spot or the drop wire has exceeded the specified 325 metres, the technician will have the customers signed on the set-up report document to assure that customers are well informed and the additional expenses will be shown on the invoice of the coming month.
  What speed levels does 3BB offer?
  The speed level of 3BB starts at 5 Mbps. with a maximum speed level of 20 Mbps. (Click Link to Go to Promotion Page)
  What will I get if I apply for 3BB?
  Customers will get a 1-port router when they apply for 3BB.
  What speed level does 3BB Premiere offer?
  3BB Premiere has a maximum of 5 Mbps. together with a Fixed IP option. (Click Link to go to Promotion Page)
  What will I get if I apply for 3BB Premiere?
  Customers will get a 4-port router when they apply for 3BB Premiere.
  What kind of router is most suitable when I go online at home through my laptop ?
  A Wireless Router will provide more flexibility to users. 3BB Broadband offers both Wireless Combo Port and Wireless 4 Port. For more information please go to the near-by counter service points.
  I often surf on international websites and prefer a high speed level in sending and receiving data or downloading bits from an international website, which service package should I use?
  Premier Package
  I like to chat or send and receive general information and search for information through local websites, which service package should I use?
  Indy Package
  I like to download through international websites and go on YouTube or Bit Torrent, which service package should I use?
Premier Package
  I like to load bits through local websites within the country or use it in a general manner, which service package should I use?
  Indy Package
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  Tel: 1530 Customer service: contact@3bb.co.th
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